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Candidate for 8th District Genesee County Commissioner

I am excited to announce I will be seeking a second term as Genesee County Commissioner in the newly drawn 8th Commissioner District! This area encompasses the township and city of Flushing (currently the 7th district), Clayton township, the city of Swartz Creek, and parts of Flint township. Building on the record I’ve established in my first term representing you, I will strive every day to serve you well and earn your support.

As your county commissioner, I’ve seen firsthand what brings people, investment, and jobs to Genesee County.


I’m proud to chair the Economic Development Committee where I put our district at the center of jobs and business growth in the county. As your representative to business leaders and opportunity-makers, I make sure our district has a seat at the table.


And as marketing director for a top-producing real estate firm in our area, I bring a wealth of board experience and business savvy to the Board of Commissioners. I hold both a BBA in International Business and an MBA from the University of Michigan – Flint. 


I’ve fought—and won—for parental choice for children in our schools, for personal freedom, and against mandates throughout the pandemic lockdowns and restrictions. I’ve listened and made your concerns my top priorities. And I’ve taken my cues from real evidence—never from politics.


I know that thriving communities begin with safe streets for children and families. That’s why I strongly support our sheriff’s department and all our local law enforcement officers and first responders. I push back hard against every misguided attempt to de-fund our police and surrender our cities and townships to criminals. We take public safety seriously here, and it shows: despite bordering neighborhoods with some of the highest crime rates in the state, our 8th district contains several of the safest communities in the nation.


It doesn’t happen by accident. It takes strong leadership from all areas of local government to keep our communities safe and thriving. I’m asking for your vote to help me ensure it remains a beautiful, prosperous place to live, to work, and to raise a family.


I am a proud, lifelong resident of Flushing and Genesee County. I am committed to a transparent, accountable, and responsive county government that is a true force for good in our community. And I want to hear from you! 


I’m running to make Genesee County a safe place for families to thrive!


“Genesee County residents are concerned for the safety of their families on the roads, and in their homes, and they deserve a helpful, responsive county government. As county commissioner, I am committed to public safety, supporting our police and first responders, maintaining our roads, and greater fiscal restraint in the face of our looming budget shortfall.”


Genesee County's extensive county roads system, combined with severe winters, make for aging infrastructure that requires constant upkeep. Every day, I respond to residents’ messages on road conditions and I work closely with our Road Commission to quickly address dangerous roadway segments which require immediate attention. I address problems in a cost-effective manner, with an eye toward repairs that last longer and reduce wear and tear on vehicles.

Real growth comes from making Genesee County a place more families want to call home. Attracting high-wage employers and investment, as well as supporting small businesses will yield more jobs and stronger communities. As chair of the Economic Development Committee, I am committed to bringing investment to our county—and especially here in the 8th district.

My first priority is safety on our streets and in our homes. That starts with adequate policing and close partnership with the Genesee County Sheriff's office. I bring residents' concerns to the attention of the County Sheriff in a timely, efficient manner. And like many of you, I'm concerned for the safety of our police. In a political atmosphere which calls to "defund the police," I pledge to keep our good faith commitments to our first responders and to protect our communities.


Throughout the pandemic, power-crazed elected and unelected public officials closed schools, mandated masks for children, and attempted to enforce vaccine passports across the country. I’m proud to have opposed this alarming overreach from the beginning, always basing my decisions on facts and evidence—and the voices of residents. I fought—and won—to unmask our children in schools, and introduced and passed a resolution opposing vaccine passports in Genesee County.  It’s simple: these important decisions should be left up to the citizen––not government.


Our Genesee County veterans and their families have made and continue to make enormous sacrifices for our country. It's our county government's Veterans Services duty to honor those sacrifices. Veterans and their families deserve dedicated, compassionate support from county government, and I am committed to that solemn responsibility.


Improving seniors' quality of life starts with making it easier to access senior services in county government. Supporting our senior centers, responsible oversight of senior millage dollars, special care for the homebound, and protecting our most vulnerable are just a few of the ways we can achieve that goal.


Genesee County taxpayers work hard and pay their fair share. They deserve representation in county government that uses their tax dollars wisely. Our county continues to face a looming budget shortfall with unfunded liabilities—but the spending spree continues. I am a fierce and vocal opponent of reckless spending on the Board of Commissioners. I never approve a line item that does not put responsibility to residents first.



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